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In the diverse world of the internet we always see trending or viral games / movies going viral even in recent times up to meme templates. But sometimes things turn out to be trending, which may not be something simple but very simple but intriguing.

Even if it is simple, the story behind them is great. Similarly, a trendy word game has now become a sensation on the Internet called Wordle. Many people already know about this game or not, but you have seen something related to this game on your Facebook / Twitter.

The story behind Wordle Game

Josh Wardle, a computer engineer by profession, first created this game to surprise his girlfriend. . The reason is that his girlfriend loves to solve word based puzzle games. In the beginning, only they both used to solve this game i.e. puzzle. This game is named Wordle after matching its name.

They later shared it with their family in the WhatsApp group and after the game became very popular there, they decided to make the game available on the internet. So in October they first gave this game on the Internet Wordle website. Since then, its popularity has continued to grow without any additional publicity.

According to the New York Times, when the game was played by only 100 people in November, it reached three million homes before January 2022.

In this blog we have discussed about Wordle Game Everyone is Talking About step by step a viral and favorite topic topic in the moment. You can also read more post viral topic below.

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What is Wordle

This is a puzzle solving game that has to be matched with a 5 liter word. There are a few simple rules for playing the game. One of which is that a game will have the opportunity to input only 6 times. This means that different words of 5 liters can be input a maximum of 6 times.

In the meanwhile the puzzle has to be solved. For the convenience of the game, hints are given with 3 color blocks after each word input which makes the game easier to solve. The green block in the middle of which means that the letters in the 5 liters of the input given by you match the word (the word you have to match the guess word) in the right place.

Yellow blocks, on the other hand, are used to denote letters that are similar to the letter of the solution, but the placement of the letter is in the wrong place. And the black block indicates the letter to all those who have nothing to do with the solution. What is so special about this game? There are many more interesting puzzle games that can be solved with Word. The answer for them is in the next section.

What is Wordle
What is Wordle

Why is Wordle so popular?

All of us have a different kind of attraction to things that are less in number. That’s why I see the limited edition selling anything at a very high price. Here too the matter is much the same. Other games can be played as much as you want throughout the day. But Wordle is set globally to guess only one word per day. Everyone has to guess that word in 7 times.

As a result, everyone tries their best to match at once as it is not possible to play arbitrarily. A 5 word meaningful word in English is about 12 thousand. But since most of the wards are not very popular, they have been reduced to 2500 wards. Of which 218 words have been used. That means the life of the game is over in a few years. Another interesting thing is that if you can match Wordle then you can share via emoji on social media without spoiler show.

Also, the simplicity of the game may be one of the reasons behind the popularity. No need to sign-in to play the game. Not even apps have been released for this game. There is no ad on the website. Only game status is stored. More interesting is that there is no link in the snippet to share the result which will be redirected to the Wordle website. All in all, the game developer wanted to keep the game simple. He said that he will keep it like this in future also.

Why is Wordle so popular?
Why is Wordle so popular?

Tips and Tricks:

After the last few wordle, it appears that too many uncommon words are not set in Wordle. Used and will come out with a little thought. Another thing is that if there is an excess of VOWELS in 5 letters, that is, words with at least two or three VOWELS, the chances of matching are much higher. The words that fall into the black color block have to be edged.

Most importantly the same letter or letter can be repeated. For example, yesterday’s Wordle was ROBOT where O appears to have been used twice. Without selecting the first word randomly, the chances of solving the puzzle are higher. Many have already saved some of the best words to get started. I don’t want to ruin the fun of the game by saying those things. Happy Wordle.


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