maverick gaming centre console near me 2022

maverick console gaming center 2022

Maverick LAN Gaming Centre is Matrix Warehouse Computers Gaming side, where we host LAN tournaments and gaming events.

Maverick Gaming is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOC) with social and competitive gaming events and tournaments. With 160 gamer capacity. In our LAN assembly, you will meet many other gamers who enjoy all kinds of gaming like you. Whether it’s entering our professional-grade tournaments, coming back to our 600 Meg LAN server and gaming, or any kind of gaming that gives you a fancy tickle, it’s a gaming experience like no other in South Africa. We feature a variety of social 24 hour LAN and console events.

With some of South Africa’s biggest prize money payouts & prizes for teams competing in our league tournaments, this venue is the place to be to practice & showcase your skills.

B.Y.O.D – Bring your own device, gear up & join us.

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Phone: 010 020 7798


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