Apex Legends tournament South africa 2022

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Apex Legends is a free-to- play first-person shooter battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Trades.

South African event organizer Raving Mad Gamerz is hosting a original Apex Legends league for 2021, which brigades can enter and contend in starting coming month. Then is what you need to know about the Apex Legends Last Men Standing leagues.

Apex Legends tournament South africa 2022 details

There are several different esports titles for the Raving Mad Gamerz’ Last Men Standing leagues but we will start with the Apex Legends bones, as it features some cash prizes. First of all, entering the league will bring R200 per platoon. Technically, there are two Apex Legends Last Men Standing leagues, one for PC with Custom Lobbies, and one for all platforms in a Kill Race format.

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These are 3v3 events with 80 of the entry freights going into the prize pool. Enrollments for both these leagues end on 10 February 2021, so you have further than enough time to get a platoon together. Matches for the leagues start the following week, on 17 February 2021, with an exact time yet to be verified. These leagues will run for five weeks.

Registration takes place for Apex Legends tournament South africa 2022 via the Raving Mad Gamerz Discord channel. You can purchase an Online Entrance Ticket on the Raving Mad Gamerz site.

Follow the steps in Discord below:

  • Use the#register channel subscribe up – Follow the prompts
  • Use the#main- menu channel and elect Team Menu – Bot will DM you
  • Follow Bot queries to produce platoon – Have a 500 x 500px totem ready to go (under2mb – have this ready)
  • Add Player Names 1 by 1
  • Go Back to#main- menu channel – Select Event & League Menu
  • Bot will DM you – Select Manage event/ league enrollment – Subscribe up for Tournament
  • Use ticket/ order number
  • Being brigades subscribe-up –#main- menu –> Event & League Menu –> View current/ forthcoming leagues/ Register for a league
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Don’t forget to follow Raving Mad Gamerz on Twitter and Facebook, where the South African tournament organizer engages with their fans, revealing more information about upcoming leagues and tournaments.

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